It's Midnight

And I'm Not Famous Yet

Doug - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar,

Bad Jokes

Doug’s musical career started at the tender age of five years when he started piano lessons. He attained his grade 6 Toronto Conservatory diploma by the age of twelve. Buying his first guitar at the age of fourteen, he taught himself the basic chords. Campfire sing-a-longs were as close as he would get to performing live for an audience until the PH Unbalanced Band called at Doug’s ripe old age of forty six. Doug plays guitar and lead vocals for the band. He has immersed himself in all things tropical to get into Jimmy’s character, such as perfecting deck Margaritas, cheeseburgers and the like. Doug’s mantra of life is, it’s gotta’ be five o’clock somewhere!

Joyce - Keyboard Synthesizer, Frottoir (wash board), Harmonica, Rhythm Guitar, Steel Drum, Ukulele, Vocals

"Yes, Ive been a pirate, since I was three feet tall." Since Joyce can remember, she has loved the music of Jimmy Buffett. Growing up in a musical family, she started playing piano by ear at age five. As well as the piano /keyboard synthesizer, Joyce enjoys the challenge of new instruments and has learned to play guitar, flute, saxophone, steel drums, frottoir, ukulele, congas and anything else she can get her hands on. Although Joyce enjoys singing and harmonizing with like musicians, her favorite measurement of music is performing in front of a crowd and being in a Margaritaville state of mind!

Dustan - Harmonica, Lead Guitar, Percussion, Rhythm Guitar, Saxophone, Vocals

Aside from busting bad guys, Dustan also busts guitar strings (once in a while) and loves all music, especially Jimmy Buffett. He started playing piano when he was seven years old, took up the saxophone when he was twelve, had a drum set when he was fourteen and bought his first guitar when he was eighteen. Needless to say, he had some musical influence from within his family. Dustan also loves to harmonize, sing and play any instrument he can get his hands on. In 2001, Dustan had the experience of touring through San Diego, Los Angeles and Anaheim, California playing his saxophone in a jazz band. He has appeared playing music on City TVs Breakfast Television and has played with the pH Unbalanced Band for seven years now. Dustan’s own state of Margaritaville can be found anywhere he goes, with no-worries and its all good being his dictum for life. 

Chris - Percussion

While enjoying drumming for over four decades, Chris has ultimately perfected his own fabulous style. He has enjoyed playing all kinds of music with different musicians at clubs and private functions over the past years including Country, Rock, Blues, Reggae and Caribbean. Being self taught, he has allowed himself to incorporate other players styles to build his own unique sounds! His keen ear and quick learning ability has only perfected the rhythmic feel that leads the listeners to want to dance, dance, dance!  He loves his music, and enjoys a good rhythm and feel... pH Unbalanced has that!

Ron - Electric Guitar

Ron has been playing guitar for almost 40 years. He has covered almost any music situation: big band, jazz combo with sax, jazz combo with singers, country duo, blues band, 80s rock band and a funk group to name a few. 

Now he is sitting back and enjoying himself playing with the pH Unbalanced crew with his new Hawaiian shirt.

Darryl - Bass

Darryl has been playing for decades, with varying styles and genres! He enjoys playing on his Fender Jazz Bass and has adopted the laid back style that Buffett's music brings.